Young Northern Women Network Arms over Four Hundred Female Candidates for BECE

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The Young Northern Women Network (YNWN), a female-member oriented organization in collaboration with the Islamic Education Unit embarked on a three day outreach to schools under the Unit.

The sole goal of the outreach was to inspire, motivate and arm young girls in the Wa Municipality sitting for this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination to go chasing the skies.

The team led by Dr Hamidatu S.Dramani, and a rep from the Islamic Education Unit visited the Jonga circuit which comprises of Jonga Islamic JHS, Kadoli Islamic JHS,Dinanso Islamic JHS and Charingu Islamic JHS on day one.

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Day two took them to Shakarfatu Islamic JHS which had Gbegruu Islamic JHS, ASWAJ JHS and Nuriya Islamic JHS in attendance. They then proceeded to the Falahia Circuit which comprises of Falahia Islamic JHS,Falahia Model JHS, Adabiya Islamic JHS, Huriya Islamic JHS, Naa Soalih Islamic JHS, as well as the Special Extra Classes.

The final day saw the team visiting the Kabanye circuit which includes schools such as Kabanye Islamic JHS, Kabanye Model JHS, Fongo Islamic JHS, Kambali Islamic JHS,Chegli and Danko Islamic JHS. They ended the outreach at the Kpongu Circuit which is made up of Kpongu,Al-Azhar, and Dignafuro Islamic schools.

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From the first to the last school, YNWN had a poignant and powerful message for our young sisters; that is to stay away from anything or anyone especially boys that will take their focus away from their studies and goals. Dr Hamida S. Dramani who is the Dean, Faculty of Engineering at Dr Hilla Liman Technical University and also the CEO of Spicey Foodies Restaurant used her evolving success story to inspire and motivate them to aim for the skies.

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According to her, she came from a place of nothing to a place millions all over the world aspire to be; through sheer determination, hard work and prayers. She therefore urged the young ladies to believe in themselves, stay focused, and be determined and more importantly prayerful. This she said will work wonders in their lives.

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The network also presented over four hundred mathematical sets and sanitary pads to the girls to help get them set and ready for the battle ahead. The authorities of the various schools on behalf of the girls expressed their heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Dr Hamida and the team for their kind gesture. They also urged cooperate bodies and other organizations to support YNWN to continue their life changing initiatives.

In the end, the team left behind smiling and inspired young girls with hearts full of gratitude and hope.



The Young Northern Women Network is a member-oriented organization whose mission is to create opportunities for northern women to explore and discover their unique passions, purpose and power. It intends to help grow, connect, and develop diverse network of female leaders through leadership development programmes in Northern Ghana.

The Network with Dr Hamidatu S. Dramani as its Founder carries out its mission through programs and events designed to inspire,connect,and accelerate the advancement of mid-level and emerging female leaders in Northern Ghana.


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