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Virtual Youth Summit and Leadership Award 2020

The “Global Law Thinkers Society”, a global humanitarian organization, organized the “International Virtual Youth Summit and Leadership Award 2020: Fight Corona Win Future” on the 17th and 18th July, 2020 via Zoom online media. The Summit was organized for the first time from Bangladesh, this remarkable International Virtual Youth Summit was attended by youth representatives from 100 countries across the globe and 64 districts of host country Bangladesh. 55 international experts and young thinkers from different countries of the world took part in the discussion.


World Book of Record:

This Virtual Summit has made the World Record Book in London on the theme “Preparing to tackle the problem by bringing together thousands of young leaders, experts and thinkers from around the world for two days in a row.”

It was an undeniable and momentous glimmering as youth from 100 countries across the world celebrated an indubitable record with full participation in a 24 hours, 2 days leaders’ summit for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It was a unifying and captivating moment with 4311 participants and 55 international speakers expressing their joy and unstoppable jubilation as we all witness a new historic chapter of the Summit and Global Law Thinkers Society. The World Book of Record. 22 awards were also given to extraordinary committed change makers, leaders and influencers across the World.


Objectives of the Summit:

  • The main goal and objective of the program was to deal with these difficult times in Corona Pandemic and to create inspiration to win future dreams by preparing and using the present time.
  • The Virtual Youth Summit was aimed at ensuring the participation, leadership and effective cooperation of youth in the successful implementation of the Education, Work Qualification, Health, Human Rights, Science and Technology and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.


Plenary Session Themes of the Virtual Youth Summit:

  • Good health and mental prosperity
  • Sustainable development and human rights
  • Education and Economy
  • Science and technology


Discussions were held in various sessions on youth tourism, world culture exchange, artificial intelligence, climate change, peace and justice and other related issues.


The Guests invited to the summit:

  • Chief Guest (Official Inauguration): Dr. Md. Murad Hassan MP, Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of Information, Bangladesh
  • Chief Guest (Award Ceremony): Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Bin Wan Ahmad Kamal, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Youth & Sports of Malaysia
  • Chief Guest (Closing Ceremony): Honorable Mr. Ganabatirau Veraman, Selangor State Assembly Representative and Selangor State Executive Council Member, Malaysia
  • Guest of Honor: Piya Ratna Maharjan, World Peace Ambassador, UN World Peace Association (UNWPA), Nepal
  • Guest of Honor: Sara Ketabi, A Global SDG Innovator, UNICEF, USA


Post-conference activities:

  • Create Global Family
  • Establishing networks with young communities, educational institutions and employment organizations around the world through conferences.
  • Encourage youth participation in achieving sustainable development goals.
  • Creating local and foreign youth leadership
  • Ensuring good and futuristic education, modern higher education and career oriented education system.
  • Preparing young people for competitive international workplaces and building a strong position.
  • create active young entrepreneurs to compete global market
  • Take necessary actions to protect the environment and climate change
  • Take actions to ensure world peace and justice.
  • Take steps to open the door of borderless tourism for the youth in many countries including Bangladesh.


We, the “Global Law Thinkers Society”, organized this summit with the aim of developing the youth of the country and establishing effective worldwide networking. We are sincerely grateful for your support in implementation of successful Summit.


You can also be part of our global movement kindly visit our website for more info.


If you are in Ghana; you can also register for membership by submitting your CV and Motivation letter to our Email at Together Build Better World.

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