Upper West Creative Art Industry to Test it’s Pulse on the 26th of December 2020.

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The upper west creative art industry especially music has over the last five years seen tremendous revival and growth. It continues to witness the influx of vibrant new artistes alongside pockets of record labels and creative event organizers. Most importantly though, is the rising and rousing interest the industry is generating from the otherwise uninterested populace.

The livewire of every industry is it’s financial solidity and the creative art industry over here generates over 80% of it’s funds from the organization of shows and performances. It is therefore not surprising that artistes ,event organizers and other industry players has over the years tried their possible best to insure that two or more major events doesn’t happen on the same day. The reasoning is that it will likely divide the fans going a long way to affect the events negatively. Others are however of the opinion that the fan base has grown large enough for the municipality to successfully host two or more events.

Well these schools of thought are about to be put to a real test as not two but three major events headlined by some of the regions finest is set to come off on the 26th of December, 2020.

G . Dogg of Pluto studios has over the past two years organized an event dubbed Meet My People Concert MMPC at Danku a suburb of the Wa Municipality. According to the ‘social media’ hitmaker , the event is organized as a way of giving back to his community who continues to selflessly support him in his musical journey. This year event which happens to be the 3rd edition is all set to come on the 26th of December, 2020 at the Danku school park with some 0f the top artist like Gandaw O.j, Mr Wabb, Stunner Gh, Badda Kasu and a host of others passing through.

On that same night live at the In-Service Training Centre will be the Made In Wa Album lunch.  Wiz Maleek of Tadaa High Entertainment\ Dopest Crew after a couple of postponements due to Covid-19  finally released a sixteen track album featuring some top artist in the country including the undisputed king of dancehall Samini Dagaati. And in a move to further promote as well as cash-in on the already viral album, the MiW crooner and his team settled on the 26th of December, 2020 to officially launch the album at the In-Service Training Centre.

Hold your breath coz there is yet another major event happening on the same night at the Wa Technical Institute auditorium called Night Of The Art, NOTA2020 with Mwintombo the Africana. According to the CEO of literaty Creations, Mr Pobee Mwintombo: The event is a reward for our hard work throughout the year. It is a corporate and one of a kind power-packed event bringing together some of the finest artistes across the country on one stage for an evening of electrifying soul thrills and thought-provoking artistic performances; drumming, singing, dancing, poetry, drama, story-telling and comedy, all well curated to serve it’s audience with uplifting memories.

There you have it; with this super packed lineup of events on the same night, we wait with bated breath to see how much load our industry can really carry on one night. Lets see the rate at which its heart beats and like one of our seasoned radio and entertainment personalities Mr Digme Kantayir Robert will say ”in other news, Wa Music to test its pulse on the 26th of December”. How do you think it will fare?

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