U/W: Popular Blogger AsonyaGh Jumps Into Music but Fans Describes his Voice as Another Pandemic.

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AsonyaGh, one of the household names in the creative art space in and around the upper West region has joined the music train.

May be an image of text that says '@oneulcht 0+3333 WaaleDaw iShop Presents WaaleDaw ISHOP Prod By Gally FEATURING ASONYA GH REKORDZ KEDEF NASHBERRY GALLY WaaleDaw iShop WaaleDaw iShop 0550079382 Available On: www.OneMuzikGh.Com'

The popular blogger/promoter was featured in a song meant to promote the latest phone shop in town WaaleDaw ishop. The truck featured some of the regions finest such as Best Gally, Nashberry, Rekordz and Kedef.

Widely acknowledged as the headlines master, the loud blogger was given just that role; the headline of the song as his verse was limited to just one sentence: “ye waanaa shop” which translates as ‘come to the shop’. A perfect headline for the headline master.

May be an image of text that says 'Dhat ashionking March 30 at 11:42 PM As if corona virus Male version of IS not enough Asonya Gh go record song 36 Angry 13 Comments 1 Share Comment Share'

But with just this cameo appearance, fans still think the blogger will be a horrible musician. Some even described his voice as another pandemic. See screenshots below:

May be an image of text that says 'Ali Abdul Samad with Bra Ike Gh and 4 others. 1h Y3 waanaa shop Y3 waanaa shop Y3 waanaa shop (X 1000) Lyrics finish Dhat Fashionking, Asonya Gh and 9 others Like 10 Comments Comment Share Dhat Fashionking Dat nigga can sell second hand clothings, All he needs is just a bell in his hand the Like Reply'

May be an image of text that says 'Aziz Farwest Empire-Boi 4h Seriously i taught i could never sing until Asonya Gh put his verse, then i realised i was R.Kelly "Y3 Waanaa Shop". Asonya Gh, Rahman Nasir Bawaal ey and 17 others Comments'

May be an image of text that says 'Real Magnet 5m Dis 1 weak me So Asonya was in a studio with 4 great talented artistes and all he could com up with was Yewanaa shop X4..? I can do beta even if am with Patapaa. Ishaq Waahu and 2 others Comet'

May be an image of text that says 'Bra Ike Gh 17h Ladies and Gentle men! Here is it! Asonya Gh x Rekordz X Nashberry Best Gally x Kedef Gh As for me, give up until the song is released! Abdul Rauf Samari need some motivation to be strong! now turn musician Asonya'

Download/listen to the song below:

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