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The novel Corona virus has brought the world of many things into a standstill where activities that means a lot to people in the world has come to a temporal stop e.g. sporting activities, schooling activities, business etc. It also left nations with strong, larger and developed economy and technology trembling in astir
In the quest to understand the novel Viruses my country Ghana, has chosen a date last week 23 March, 2020, as a day we should fast and pray against the Corona virus. This made me deliriously laugh because whilst we are praying, our leaders and their entourages were dinning and traveling with the Norwegians who were part of the first people who brought us the Corona virus. We are just tumult as Ghanaians, to think that GOD answer prayers like that. The world religious countries (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Rome India Egypt etc.) are on their toes seriously researching into solutions to curb the virus, not prayers. Two (2) cases were first recorded as at March 12, 2020 in Ghana and as we were praying and fasting without putting measures in place to manage its spread, the number increased tremendously in less than a month to two hundred and five (205) people, per Ghana Health Service (GHS) as at April 2, 2020 and even more.

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In the wig of this Corona virus countries with weaker economy and hugely dependent on other countries have been exposed to this deadly killer disease. In Ghana our currency that we could not stabilize for so many years is now stable because of Corona virus pandemic. Ghana to China, export and import rate stands as; China export to Ghana 4.8 billion and Ghana to China export stands as 1.8 billion, which means that our economy is largely dependent on imports from that of China and other countries and because there was/is a lockdown in most of the developed countries, there has been an increase in prices of everything in Ghana, common hand sanitizer the ordinary Ghanaian can’t buy!
So, I think that is high time we fringed out horror among ourselves and support government programs like planting for food and jobs, and one district one factory which will produce goods for our consumption without stampeding for foreign goods and services if something like the Corona virus ever happen again, and I know it will.

As we stay at home with wretch and shrill cry, awaiting Ghana Health Service (GHS) to mention the next badge of covid-19 positive patients, we should as a matter of urgency have high hope and confident in our research centers or institutions/laboratories and start pumping some monies into them as well as giving them the necessary support to make them efficient and effective so that matters like this corona virus could have been examined to come out with an antidote for it, as the saying prevention is better than cure if not, if we are lucky this time we would not be lucky the next time.

Exhilaratingly Corona virus has come (esoterically) to expose the weak systems we are building for our future generation, future full of paying debt, in Ghana nothing works apart from parading in banks to take salary and bribery and corruption the hull mark of our leaders and societies.
GETFUND that is supposed to take care of needy but brilliant students to study and take care of Ghana in times like this Corona virus outbreak are rather given to some self-centered politicians and well to do citizens who will fly to western world for treatment when they are sick but thank GOD the western countries has rejected them in this Corona virus outbreak.

The novel Corona virus and the world is like the game of thrones where the houses, citizens and people were not united to fight against a common enemy; the army of the death (night king). As a rational nation we should do away with political classifications, tribalism and selfishness especially the ostentatious opposition political parties and rally behind the sitting President (H.E Nana Akufo Addo) to fight this army of the death (Corona virus) before it consumes us all.

In conclusion, we must take bold actions now to hasten the end of this novel virus or live with uncertainty for a long time. Nana Akuffo Addo administration often seems preoccupied with optics rather than with actions and as a result left Ghanaians uncertain about what to do.
Individuals are trying to fill the void with urgency, not panic and prudence, not politics. As we create social distance to confront this virus that knows no borders.
Also we should develop the interest of combating misinformation and disinformation about the disease and its spread.
Again beyond direct research and medical support, government can also in addition recruit and train community emergency response teams to support public health preparedness measures against the virus.
Also government can also prioritize acquisition and allocation of medical supplies that will be necessary to treat the disease across the all regions and districts in the country.
Lastly government can, with interest fight against disinformation on social media.


BY Sinto Baluri Abdulai a graduate from the University Of Education Winneba Kumasi Campus and a Social Advocate and Activist of the Upper West Region and a teacher at Wa Senior High Tech School
TEL: 0554701987

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  1. I’m impressed with it, is a good effort. This will challenge others to do more, that is how we develope, we are in a world that does not read let alone write. I am grateful. Keep it up, stay focus, do not be distracted, people will insult and undermine you, but do mine them. They are just jealous. Cheers, the sky is the beginning .

  2. Good work done senior man, is sometime troubling how our own trusted leaders think not strengthening our institutions until we are face with challenging circumstances like Covid 19. 😌😌😌
    Be safe, stay home and don’t touch MEN (Mouth, Eyes & Nose)

    God save us🙏
    God save our land🙏
    God save the world🙏

  3. I really agree with you… nice write up.
    I have been following your articles and I must say you are doing well. Soar high bro

  4. Bitter truth,Ghana can still combat the virus with the few resources we have.Thump up for your research

  5. That is fantastic, graet, write up that is of graet Impact to the Ghanaian Society.
    Keep it up and put on more

  6. Good job. Keep it up with the good work you are doing. Hmmm, I’m wondering if God is punishing man for our numerous evil doings or if it’s one of the signs of the end time. Man has got to repent and prepare well to meet God because whatever happens, the future is still bright for those who trust in Jesus.

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