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Reign Art Gh

Painting is like poetry. Poets talks with words, painters express in Static pictures. Using cool or wild colors depending on their emotions. Painters may enjoy working with inspirational words from poets. Poet may find it difficult to decode what an art is expressing. Poets and painters may relate one way or the other.

Pop painting is basically expressing one inner thought through detail outline of figures, animals or fruit and with little consideration on the body of the artwork. Light and dark tones are distributed evenly and with little effort on the middle tone. But focusing on the outline of the image.

Reign Art Gh

Artist put together the elements and principles of design in a unique order. Reign Art Gh is an art company based in the Upper West region of Ghana. Known for their remorse canvas paintings. In this painting the artist expressed his feelings through an unfamiliar subject of brash strokes. Capturing the figure in ideal terms. The background of the painting is in gray, and evenly spread out from the middle to the ends of the canvas.

Negus the Poet

He also applied the sprinkle method. Using black Acrilex paint to sprinkling around. The figure is place in the middle of the canvas, with its head being black, head and neck light brown with huge emphasis on the light tones, using pour light to capture that. the figure is captured wearing a spectacles in back and transparent. the shirt is painted blue and orange. The artist also introduced a white thin line at the edge of the canvas.

Painting is an investment and we all need to plan and invest in.

Abstracts on the Painting.

Canvas painting!
Pop Art!
Pop painting!
Portrait painting!
Acrilex on canvas!
Size: 24inches by 36inches!
Model: Negus the poet!
Artist: Delay Mathew!
Brand: Reign Art Gh!
Contact: 0201396200/0544766239
Location: Ghana. Upper West Region. Wa. Mandela Junction.
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