The only thing I need from upper west creative art industry is originality – Samini

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samini Dagaati

Emmanuel Andrews Samini know in showbiz as Samini has stated that the only thing he needs from the people of upper west especially the artist is patience and originality.

The ‘forever’ crooner who came into the region this afternoon in an interview with MC Alaska on Home Radio when asked what support he needed from the people of the upper west, said he needed nothing but patience and originality from the artist based here.

He stated that though he represents the region out there, he doesn’t feel he fully represents her in the way he would wanted since he wasn’t born and bred here and therefore was not exposed to the indigenous language and sound of his people. What he therefore needs from the musicians here is for them to be as original as they can so that if he comes scouting, it will be easier for him to pick someone who will 100% uniquely represent the region like Wiyaala does.

“I’ve only come in to support and I haven’t really thought about what I need or will need from the region especially the musicians. If anything at all, what I need from them is patience, hard work and originality. I was born in Accra and the language and everything influenced my music, so if you were born in wa, I expect you to blow my mind with punches in the local dialect that even my mum has never spoken to me before in passing, and not try to impress me with twi or ga.

What I need from them is for them to be as original as they can so that if I come scouting, it will be easier for me to pick quickly what can represent us coz I would say and confirm and admit the fact that I don’t represent a 100% what upper west music and upper west image and the artist is. I would even put Wiyaala there coz she is singing my dialect deeper than I can even speak it. So I want more wiyaalas, more Ayisobas coz that is our indigenous sound” he explained.

You will recall somewhere around this time last year that Samini who was enskinned as ‘Pibilihi Naa’ by the overlord of the waala traditional council Wa Naa Fuseini Pelpuo iv made a pledge to be fully present to participate in the next dumba celebration. He is fulfilling that promise coz he’s currently in the region as you read and will be performing at the Wa Naa palace alongside other locally based artist tonight, 2nd November 2020.

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