Stunner Suntaa Album – The story so far

stunner suntaa album

From late 2018 through to early 2019, the music industry became very busy as so many of the front line musicians in the region started proposing dates for their Video launches, major shows and Album launches. Stunner was not left behind as he also came up with an album which he dubbed Suntaa Album. Suntaa translates into English as “help one another” and it emphasizes on the strength involved in unity, support and love for growth. He fixed a date of 6th July, 2019 and a venue of In-Service Training Center for the album launch. A lot happened on social media following the number of albums in the year. Critiques were made on the one-way nature of all albums in the region. I particularly put keen eye on these albums following those critiques and so far, I have realized that this Suntaa album of Stunner seems to be passing the test that was put forward by the critics.

The first impressive sign I got about this album is the number of songs that are contained in the album. There are a total of fifteen (15) songs on this album and this is quiet promising. It is so different from the norm in Upper West music. The average number of songs in an album in the region so far is 8. The vast difference in this sense has shown a great difference in this album as compared to the norm.

The second impressive sign is the number of collaborations in the Album. There are a total of seven collaborations in the Album. There are collaborations with big artists in the region including Shatta Ranking on Bigey (Muscles), Best Gally on Naamu, Legend Prince Karim on Saala Daana Bie, Gameboy on Ninsala and with Wiz Malik on Waala Boy. The sixth is Suntaa (lead track), and on this, he featured the finest up and coming rappers in the region including Punches, Bright Bwoy, Badda, Rekordz, Medra, Sambwoy (current new artist of the year) and Schemer (from Upper East). The seventh collaboration is that with Denny Zee, a Nigerian singer and they titled it Forever. Wonderful for an up and coming artist, indeed!

Another interesting fact is that of the songs’ engineering and production. A total of five (5) of the best producers in the region took part in this album’s production. Ferdiskills produced eight (8) of the songs forming majority, followed by Quobrahbeats, Gallybeats and Derry Gee who all produced two each. VIB also produced one totalling to the fifteen (15) on the album. This diversity in the number of producers is also very much a credit to the album.

Other miscellaneous factors such as the quality of designed posters for the album and songs, the hype, the quality of songs so far, mode of organisation are all factors that have caused a stir in the industry and on social media. Stunner seemed to have taken over the scene in the industry and this can be attributed to this yet to be launched album of his. Some have gone the long way to refer to this album as the best album so far in the history of Upper West Music. On a scale of 1-10, to what extent do you agree with this claim?


Written by Abdul Samad


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