Sinto Baluri Abdulai writes: A point of change for better tomorrow

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Sinto Baluri Abdulai
2019 has been a nice and a merciful year despite it’s tribulations caused to other human beings across the world.
The transcending of 2019  and other years to 2020 is a great lesson to every rational human being that, there is nothing permanent; thus trees, animals and human beings die how more years.
This dying point of 2019 should be a good turning point for us to reflect about what was lost, it maybe true that 2019 has changed, is true, life is all about change if we don’t change we fall behind what was ones true and real is suddenly no longer true, no longer real and sometimes we have to accept that and such is the changing life of the world.
In life people pray and fast in temples for God’s mercies and favors to fall from the skies without identifying the paragon of life to maximize opportunities in their lives.
To achieve in this 2020 you must identify yourself and identify what you do best, and to identify that, you must Develop the habit of association, possibility mentality and an inclination of self discipline in so doing you must not only be an orator but setup *goals* with good *character*,  *Maturity* , *Patients* and always *Pray* to your God. When only God favor comes without human effort there is an instinctive gesture of withdrawal only the pain of hope perennially doomed to disappointment hmm.
Again, we should make good use of programs this government and successive government brought to help the youth and not wait for only public sector jobs, Uhuru Kenyatta ones said “if you really love your children, get a business, not a job, because when you die your children can’t inherit your job, but they can definitely inherit your business. In fact, if you die on the job, your boss will replace you before your burial. If your family live in a company house, they will kick them out before they can say anything, so when you close from work don’t go and watch television. Go home and think about a business idea.”
Also, People should focus on the essential things necessary to uplift everyone from poverty and push the country developmental agenda forward, also we must all come to together as one people despite our political differences to achieve government target of Ghana beyond Aid agenda.
Happy English calendar  new year to you all
BY Sinto Baluri Abdulai a concern member of the upper west region.
Tel No: 0554701987

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