Photos: BlaqHuzu headlines WestHype Modeling Agency’s brand promo for Real Spicy Foodies Restaurant

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WestHype modeling agency

Westhype is a fast-growing modeling agency in the upper west region with its mission to nurture young talents within the municipality and beyond in the art industry.

WestHype modeling agencyTo demonstrate creativity and outdoor one of their major services which is focused on brands promotions and marketing with a taste of art, WestHype surprises Real spicy foodies restaurant with creative marketing photos for their delivery services, headlined by their very own model and actress, BlaqHuzu.

Real spicy Foodies is a fast food Restaurant operating in the upper west region. The Restaurant serve its customers with quality but affordable meals of various varieties that suits your test for real satisfaction. The Restaurant is a multiple award-winning restaurant in the Upper West Region, with over 10 years’ experience and has become a household name and the perfect place to dine.




WestHype modeling agency BlaqHuzu WestHype modeling agency

Read Model BlaqHuzu’s Message below

Spicy foodies restaurant

“Hello Family, my name is BlaqHuzu a model from west-Hype modeling agency,

And I confidently introduce to you the finest Restaurant in the Municipality and beyond,  SPICY FOODIES RESTAURANT.

Mmmh Yumi I mean Spicy , at Spicy foodies restaurant all kinds of delicious meals and beverages are served on your request, so look no further, We offer you a great menu of a wide varieties of dishes such as:



-Plain rice with stew and chicken/red fish

-jollof rice with spiced shito/stew with chicken/fish

-banku and okoro stew/soup /groundnut with vast assorted kinds of meats.

-We also make available Red Red

-Grilled Tilapia

-Beef Sauce

-Yam Chips

-FuFu with a vast assortment of Soups


Kenkey and many more.

You can order for pizza and all kinds of Pastries for any event.

Hey, guess what!!? Loyal customers are given discount cards for a better transaction.

Locate us at our main branch at  Kpaguri, Dan-Ibu junction or call +233-0506555959 or 0208555959

Or our annex Conveniently located at Bamahu total filling station or Call us on +233-0504444451

You can also call us for delivery on the +233-0506555959/0208555959


Spicy Foodies, Real Satisfaction is our Goal.

This Advertisement is proud brought to you by WEST-HYPE Modeling agency Powered by WEST-HYPE MEDIA Grp.,

For all your promotions , marketing, advertisement, Branding Influencing, Ushering services, Events organizations, Videos and Photography Promos, Educational Projects and Seminars , News feeds and Many for more Information Contact us

Public Relations Director on +233-0553824598

CEO on +233-0207464298/0208079460 “

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