Mikar Events delivers another Event of the year contender at PensDown2020

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Pensdown 2020

In the advent of covid-19 and it’s major drawbacks in all endeavors of human life including entertainment, Mikar events took full advantage of the gradual easing of restrictions to deliver undoubtedly an event of the year contender at its annual program dubbed PensDown. The maiden edition of PensDown2019 which got the whole town blazing and tongues waxing lyrically about the dozes of excitement at the event culminating in it winning the event of the year at the UWECA came out even bigger this year.

Pensdown 2020

The organisers of the event- Mikar Events on their social media handles and on the various media platforms in the region promised nothing but the very best of events and in the end, the very best they indeed delivered. The other wise dull and lonely link road from Xavier to the Wa-Poly road became the busiest road in town as hundreds of people thronged the venue to catch up on the fun

Pensdown 2020
As an event crafted purposely for graduates from JHS to the tertiary, organizers where intentional about the timing, venue and the type of activities at the event as they perfectly tailored it to help patrons have unadulterated fun with little or no worries about their security. They had access to a swimming pool, the best of performances from a selected top entertainers such as Sambwoy, Best Gally, DestinyBwoy Infinity Gh, Bada kasu, King Fresh, Kersty Bae, Tomzy, Hanny Berry and a host of others. There was also a free photoshoot and free sobolo to spice up the day.

Did I hear someone ask of DJs? Oh my! The party will have no life and direcion without Djs and the event didn’t just have DJs, it was boosted by the top of DJs in the persons of the VillageBoy DJ Galaxy, DJ Rasky, DJ Cupid and of course the DJs DJ Angaa-mwini Dj Anada. And they were ably anchored by the ever vibrant and creative Bra Ike Gh.

There was so much fun at the event which left patrons asking for more even after the last performance and some minutes of bonde3 and most of them promised to not miss Godwilling PensDown2021 for anything in this world.

The event was hosted at Mornah’s resident, sponsored by Abuntulah Gh limited, Yepenhee ent and FashionHouse and supported by Echo sounds multimedia, Ghgonline.com, onemusicgh.com, harmattangh.com etc.

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