Infiltration of Evil into Democracy The Cry for Justice, President

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Nana Addo
In a typical Ghanaian society, politics is said to be understood as who gets what, How and where?.
In Ghana politics is the most misunderstood word, black societies are characterized with diversity of interests, preferences, values and ideas.
These directly or indirectly involve the use of resources and invariably brings politics at the centre of affairs. The democracy of Ghana looked brighter and promising since independence  than it may be today 2020.  What makes the difference is the type of politics and power consciousness that has taken place in our country.
Democracy is not the tool for development but the kind of institutions and politics we create which will be the very basics upon which development pillars are built.
The politics, and the protector of a country democracy consists of the leadership and character of the citizens. All these come together to form the politics and the kind of democracy to operate, and protect in the country. These also determines development of the country.
Our politics which is characterized with ethnicity, tribalism and what have you.
NPP and the NDC have never praised each other for something done. This reminds us that, both parties have never done something good?
Ghana has a grown Democracy but our Democratic progress is not leveled with our development why?
Every four years elections are organize to show our Democratic development.
Some constitutionally created institutions which are trying to mar the reputation of our Democratic freedom enjoyed since independence is regrettable. Ghanaians are gradually under valuing the usefulness of our Democracy because of the lack of accountability. Individuals serving their political fathers to the neglect of the constitution, the very reason that institution was created.
Democracy is a necessary condition for our development and the kind of politics we do play a vital role in bringing economic development and the battle against poverty.
After Independence in the fourth republic Is either NPP or NDC vision, and because of ethnicity and party sectionalism no party get a full support of the people due to political differences. The integrity of Ghana lies in the hands of these political parties.
The constitutional creation of some institutions has brought ties to our eyes and our democracy to a question, especially in 2020; EC we need peace in the country.
First in history about the number of EU( European Union) elections observers in Ghana, these number of elections observers have come to remind us about the kind of systems and institutions we create to handle sensitive issues In Ghana.
Some people must remember that history remembers two people on earth, the wrong doers and good doers  but Allah(God) remembers one person hereafter and that is the good doers. Where do you want to belong?
What is happening in Ghana as at 7th December, 2020 regarding the just ended elections?
The EC declaration has only help to weaken the very fabric that binds us together as Ghanaians. No wander real men of justice took french leave of us in the count down to the 2020 general election. PAA J J you are out of coverage, but Mr Mathin Amidu is reachable. Please talk.
I am Appealing to the president Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo to stand up to fight for the right thing to be done.  If you are legally  elected, sworn in as a president and you are not legitimate in the eyes of the people(citizens), then we cannot develop as a country.
Your H.E in the quest for Justice you should also remind the electoral commission (EC) that listening is a critical thing in democracy, democracy without opposition is autocracy and autocracy leads to corruption and suppression. The opposition NDC have major concerns about election results, the EC should come out transparent, accountable  to the very people that saw the need to have chosen the NDC as a substitute.
BY Sinto Baluri Abdulai a village peace vigilante
Contact: 0554701987

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