If Typanza Doesn’t Succeed, the Next Generation of Upper West Musicians Will Fail – Lawyer Hammer.

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Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur with Lawyer Hammer as a famous moniker has stated that if Typanza Onde doesn’t succeed, the next generation of upper musicians won’t also succeed.

Lawyer hammer who is the current state attorney for the upper West region is of the opinion that the current generation of artists; Typanza and his colleagues has to succeed to lay a solid foundation for subsequent generations to follow suit. He believes good precedence sets fertile grounds for future bumper harvest.

Speaking at the listening session of Typanza’s new dawn album, the seasoned lawyer said top successful lawyers such as Ambrose Dery, Benjamin Kumbuo, Yuoni Kulandi, Clement Eledi and others, set a solid foundation and inspired the likes of him to follow their footsteps. And so if we don’t support Typanza and his peers to succeed, the next generation of our musicians will also fail.

“If Typanza doesn’t succeed, the next generation of upper west musicians won’t also succeed. I am here because there was Hon Ambrose Dery, there was Benjamin Kumbuor, and there was Yuoni Kulandi, Clement Eledi. Because there were lawyers who were successful, I took after them and became one of them. Subsequently, can you count the number of young men that are now trying to become lawyers? So if we don’t help Typanza to succeed, the next generation of musicians will not also succeed. So it in our interest to ensure that he succeeds”

He also added that if we as a region makes a conscious effort to support our local artists: If we stream or download their music, attend their shows as well promote and market them to our friends outside the region, they will be taking the Grammies, BETs and other top awards in the near future.

Lawyer Hammer, an ardent fan of upper west music was the chairman of the event which happened on Saturday, 27th Febuary at the conference hall of the regional library.

You can stream the new dawn album here


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