I give you 24hrs to make things right or we meet in court. – Stunner threatens Gamebwoy Waaluu

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Stunner threatens Gamebwoy Waaluu

The upper west music scene has been very clean and calm in recent times. Misunderstandings or conflicts, better referred to as beef among musicians has been on the low. All time feuding groups in the region have been seen in one or two scenes relating quite very well. Mentioned can be made of the recent pictures of Gally and Wiz Maleek which got many amazed. Popular rap rivals, Stunner and Rekordz have also been seen getting along very well of late. It was therefore very surprising to see Stunner, one of the humblest musicians in the region in a live Facebook video going very wild.

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On Sunday 4th October 2020, Stunner made a post at around 11am creating awareness for his live Facebook video which would be airborne in 30mins. At exactly 11;30am, the “Rap Vandamme” was seen live and it was not good.

Stunner recounted past ordeals he had to go through before he could get Gamebwoy Waaluu, one of the region’s favorite on his shows and how he (Stunner) still wholeheartedly helped him (Gamebwoy) anytime he was expected to. “Gamebowy Waaluu charged me one thousand Ghana cedis (GHS 1000) the first time I billed him on a show in 2018”. He lamented. He was therefore very infuriated when the later put his name on his upcoming show without any deal or even official information or agreement. Stunner questioned why neither he nor his management were contacted before he was put on bill.

At the end of the video, Stunner threatened to sue Gamebwoy in a law court if proper routes are not followed as soon as possible. “I give you 24hrs to meet me and my team for a deal or we meet in a law court.” He concluded.

Respect and branding are two most important things many people preach in music in order to grow. Musicians in the region therefore need to up their game in order to prevent such issues as this in they need to grow. what do you have to tell Gamebwoy Waaluu? Do you think Stunner is over reacting? Drop your opinion in the comments box.

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