Endless desire of women in men for marriage – Sinto B. Abdulai

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Endless desire of women in men for marriage
While other women look out for tick tall, handsome and six packs men others look for industrious hardworking men with promising future, What do you also look out for in men for marriage?
Save your breath, the choice of some women has landed them into many unending tears in life, if there was a second chance in life  they would have thanked GOD hundred and plus one percent times, and the choice of others has brought to them glorifying life that keeps and will keep them happy till time seizes.
The likes of some women are the like of Satan they never see good in any man without money and fame, putting love on chains which will rarely break out in relationships or marriages, what a contemporary world full of deceptions and lies like game of thrones.
 Dicey of this has brought a lot of divorces in marriages and separation of relationships among lad and young ladies due marriage, this is worrying especially among marriages because when separation(broken home) happen in marriages is the children that suffer thus they are vulnerable to social vices such as, drug abuse and teenage pregnancies among females and school drop out etc.
Also, the menace of such behaviors thus the search of greener pasture men without making a background checks on them( men) has created a vacuum that resulted in a lot of women roaming in the streets of Ghana without husbands which either become prostitutes or street hawkers for living.
Which we all know HIV/AIDS is on the increase in Ghana.
Is high time our ladies changed from rich consciousness to marriage to social – moral and religion up righteousness towards marriage because it is not sensible to marry for  money, but it is silly to marry without money.
Marriage is associated with property and social status, but it is not resolved by them.
The first step to choose an ideal husband is to examine his virtue and personal qualitative.
Secondly, one has to take his social status into consideration.
Adequate living conditions could not be the first element but an important component.
A person could be judged  by his living and educational background.
Lastly, it is true love.
Love is a magic power to bring two strangers into one, which dispels pride and prejudice between lovers, and also constructs mutual respect and understanding.
Sinto stands for justice
  AKA Dr. Sinto

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