Don’t Ever Compare Yourself To Best Gally – G.Dogg To Wiz Maleek

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Best Gally

G.Dogg Dagarti has admonished Wiz Maleek and his fans to never compare themselves to Best Gally and Gally nation. He made this statement on his Facebook timeline following the withdrawal of best gally, from his meet my people concert which is scheduled to take place at his home town Danku on the 26th of december,2020


According to the social media hit maker, Gally had to withdraw from his show due to the incessant pressure, begging and tears from the camp of Wiz Maleek since they also have a show on the same date and they fear recording low numbers.


“From now on, Wiz Maleek and his fans should never compare themselves to best Gally of Gally nation coz you can’t be claiming supremacy when in real fact they are afraid of best gally and his fans. They know with best gally and his fans at Danku on 26 of December, their show will be a dead chicken show” he said


He added that he, g. Dogg understands Best Gally and totally respects his decision.  “to Best Gally and his team, i understand the amount of pressure, tears and people they brought to beg you so you can pull out from meet my people concert, i respect your decision and would love to still invite your fans to the program. I remember last year you were not on but i met most of your fans and team members at the show.  G. Dogg would always give respect to who respects”.


Made in wa (MIW) album lunch is set to come on live at the in-service training center and, G.dogg meet my people is equally set to come live at danku on the same date which is 26 of December, 2020. Will these controversies drive enough buzz to make both programs a success or they are setting up for flop shows?

Which one will you be attending?

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  1. Yes indeed here we the people of Upper West Region will know who s a fun and a sycophant!! But like I have been saying, the one who started hyping his show late should withdraw but for me ,,,,free things I see we like !

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