Diamond Foundation Ghana Donates to Jirapa Orphanage

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Our visit to the Jirapa orphanage with my team known as the Diamond foundation on the 29th of August 2020. The Jirapa orphanage which is located in the upper west region of Ghana, Jirapa municipal to be precised. The orphanage has been in existence for some years now. They have been doing a great job for the past years now for catering for these kids who have been dumped by their mothers for some reasons best known to them.

Some of these kids too were picked after the death of their mothers during child birth child birth due to some complications. Unable to trace their relatives and some relatives refusing to take these kids and cater for them, ended up in the orphanage under the care of the Rev sisters and care takers. It hasn’t been an easy task for them since people don’t really come to the aid of these kids therefore making feeding and clothing difficult for them at times. Due to lack of funds and resources, they are unable to pay these caretakers who risk it all to cater for these kids. Running the orphanage hasn’t really been that easy for the past years, is just by the Grace of God they have been able to carry through till now and they are really trying for these kids. Kids as we all know are very vulnerable and precious…They need proper care and attention with food being the topmost priority…


Our visit there, we realized these kids really lack a lot… clothing, feeding, learning equipment’s to aid in developing their IQ and intellectuals and skills as well… Education which is most important to the society now, but due to lack of equipment’s, some of these kids who have gotten to the school going age are far behind their colleagues.

Diamond foundation were able to support them with a little which include groceries, provisions, diapers, liquid soaps, stationery and toiletries.They still need more to sustain them…We can’t do all this alone…we need your support and prayers to continue putting smiles on the faces of these poor kids.

They are innocent to go through the hardship of life and they never forced their parents to bring them into the world only to neglect them at the end, if only they had the power, they would have wished not to be born but everything do happen for a reason…God brought them into this world so that people like you and I, could show our kindness and love towards these kids….

We hope and pray to continue providing them with all their basic needs so that they will have a reason to live…Our profound gratitude to all who supported us in one way or the other…may the Almighty bless you all and keep you safe and fit so that you continue helping diamond foundation put smiles on the faces of the vulnerable..Thank you and God bless us all🙏

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