Chief calls for measures to clamp down on LGBTQI activities in Ghana

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Nana Ayimedu Brempong III

Nana Ayimedu Brempong III ,Krontihene of Adjena and an Anti Human Trafficking advocate has called for immediate steps by all stakeholders to clamp down on activities of Lesbian ,Gay ,Bisexual Transgender and Queer Intersex Rights (LGBTQI) in the country.

According to him, the activities of the group infringed on the cultural and customary rights of Ghanaians, because all the ethnic groups in the country frowned on such foreign cultures which is now being practiced by some Ghanaians.

He noted that such activities undermined the cultural values of the country and if steps are not taking the fundamentals of the Ghanaian culture would be destroyed as a result of the influence of some of these foreign practices .

Nana Brempong III who spoke to the in an interview said the Ghanaian culture has suffered a lot of setbacks from foreign cultures which has led to indiscipline, lack of respect and all forms of social vices in recent times.

“If care is not taking, the activities of the LGBTQI’s will open doors for other groups such as human traffickers to come demand for their rights , which does not comply with the laws of the country”, he stated.

He called on government to heed to the call from him and other groups such as the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family values which also expressed disapproval over an alleged opening of an LGBTQI office in Ghana.

He reiterated that he is in full support of the actions taking by the coalition calling on government to close down the office with immediate effect because the alleged existence of the office was illegal and an affront to the laws of, traditions and customs of the country.

He called on the media, and other relevant stakeholders to join the call to put a stop to activities of LGBTQI in the country before they become grounded because the culture and custom of the country is at stake.

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