But for some benevolent individuals, our music industry would be way far behind—Sypha

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Mohammed Kelvin known in showbiz as Sypha has opined that if not for the benevolent and kind spirits of some prominent  Individuals in the region, the upper west music industry would have been farther behind than it is today.

The melodious singer of Tadaa high entertainment who was on wajaa-Yela entertainment on radio waa with Angaa-mwini Dj Anada today Thursday 19th November  to promote his upcoming EP dubbed ‘New Face Ep’ stated that if he and several other artist in the region were left to fund their own activities, they probably wouldn’t have had a career. And, the industry which is already far behind would have even been way behind.

“A big shout out to God Himself, a big shout out to our big men like HajjOne,bro Eddison, De Fuma and the likes of them. A big shouts out to my boss himself QobraBeats, he’s been doing the most and God bless him for that. Looking at it, if we were like handling things on our own, like me Sypha have to pay for my own stuff. I would have had this plenty vibes, massive talents and a lot of good songs to record but wouldn’t be able to do so due to lack of funds. So if not the help of our benevolent big men, we say our industry is behind but it would have been way far behind.  We pray God blesses them more so they will continue to help the industry He stated.

He added that his ‘New Face EP’ which comprises of seven fresh tracks is the new fire which is like nothing we’ve seen before. He’s therefore urging all music lovers to subscribe to his YouTube channel and all his social media handles to enjoy this delicious tunes from his kitchen.


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