“In the bid to achieve all set for 2018, going to one of the oldest kingdom in Nigeria won’t be a bad idea” – Edith Vote (CFO – Nigeria).

“It’s amazing to see that we are covering the whole African continent, showcasing our culture and people and going to Okpe-Isoko is wonderful idea” – Kego Ratsie K. (Managing Director – Botswana).

#TheVillageTour to Okpe-Isoko will see a great as it has one of her indigene to sponsor the tour – the person of Mrs Powell-Tos Elo wife of a former commissioner in Delta State Nigeria.

We spoke with Quick Tv Africa Ghana Managing Director if there is a plan for a tour any soon to Ghana and if Ghanaians will in anytime tae #TheVillageTour to Nigeria or Botswana, this is what he has to say “we are already working on something for three major old communities in Ghana but the Okpe-Isoko tour which is proudly supported by Mrs Powell-Tos Elo will be one tour I really wish our team here in Ghana will able to make as the time frame was too close” – Hillia (MD/Ghana).

The tour is packed with amazing programmes as they will be moving to different communities under the Okpe-Isoko kingdom.


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