Danis Andaban

For Immediate Release.




I have followed with keen attention, the actions of government over the ensuing circumstances over the Anas Expose’.

I want to point out something that I have realized, which is extremely contemptuous and can cover up many other issues we are yet to know through the revelations of Tiger Eye.

Firstly, the dissolution of the Ghana Football Association is highly contemptuous. The president having had the opportunity of watching excerpts of the videotape laid a complain to the Criminal Investigation Department because He(Nana Akuffo Ado) name popped out in the video. Many of us believed that the president was going to use the law to clear his name and as well incarcerate Kwasi Nyantankyi.

As we speak, the CID is still investigating the matter in order to put him before a competent court of jurisdiction. It is basic knowledge that not until that competent court of jurisdiction pronounces judgement to the effect that the suspect is guilty, all the issues against the suspect, remains to be mere allegations.

It is worrying that the president who is a firm believer of the rule of law now uses the emotions of the public because of the public outcry based on the face of the revelations of Anas.

I consider the dissolution of GFA as highly contemptuous to the legal processes initiated. The attempt to truncate the legal process by only relying on public reactions is an attempt to jump the gun of the legal processes and to perhaps cover up many other issues that are yet to come out through the Investigation by the appropriate state organs.

I am calling on all those who believe in the rule of law, civil society groups, the clergy and political parties, to mount pressure on government to exercise constraints by allowing the legal processes to be exhausted.

We cannot allow our emotions to barricade our conscience by allowing government to play smart in an attempt to exonerate itself.
I personally think that the issues are far beyond our expectations.

I urge the media, political pundits and social commentators to carefully look at the ramifications of truncating the very steps the president initiated. Let’s not be deceived!!

Thank you.

Denis Andaban
(Youth activist)

To all Media Houses

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