DJ Tobile

Following a recent story written by Ice entertainment regarding upper west artiste making big names outside the region which includes Wiz Malik, Gally, 2Korners, Kedef and many others, Social media users hit hard at the upper west multiple award winning DJ, DJ Tobile for isolating 2koners out as non-wave making artiste.

Some of his comments includes

“pls whenever u guys r to do such analysis, pls always try to do it correctly and not try to favor friends. Ur work is going far and we need concrete analysis. 2koners paa making which big names?”

“Masa go to his own house n no one will mention his name as an artist not to talk of him being in a chat when talking about upper west music”

Many in the comment section on facebook refered to this DJ Tobile’s statement as “pure hate” towards 2Koners.

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