Monday , February 19 2018

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Can’t Believe It! These 5 Hollywood Stars Are Ghanaian!

Ghanaian Hollywood Stars

The Hollywood dream continues for Africans. You might have never imagined that these five Hollywood stars are  of Ghanaian descent. Idris Elba Idris is half Ghanaian, half Sierra Leonean with his Ghanaian side coming from his mother. He has starred in many Hollywood movies including the latest hit movie “Takers” which …

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Man Fakes Death after Wife Hires People to Kill Him

man fake death

A boxing coach in Houston staged his own death after discovering his wife had hired a hit man to kill him. Ramon Sosa, 50, began working with the FBI and Houston detectives to prove that Maria “Lulu” Sosa, 43, attempted to have him killed. She unknowingly exposed her intentions by …

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Regular marijuana users have more s*x, study says

marijuana users in ghana

Dr. Michael Eisenberg, an assistant professor of urology, sees a lot of patients at the Stanford University Medical Center who have problems performing in the bedroom. To determine what the problem is, they’ll go through a laundry list of regular activities. Often, patients will ask whether they need to smoke …

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