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NPP is covering the rot in their government – Dramani Bashiru Amantana

The return of John Mahama, after NDC lost the 2016 election, it started raising tensions in the camp of this substandard H.E Nana Addo’s government about Mahama coming back to contest 2020 election.

It is clear that their fears keeps growing and losing confidence in their own administration everyday with their appointees making all sort of political ethnocentric and divisional comment that contradict the principles that the President promised Ghanaians on that happiest day of his life(7th January 2017) when he portrayed a high level of incompetence and plagiarism disgracing the country.

It is obvious that this government with its corruption appointees always would want to peddle baseless arguments to silences the rot of their regime.

A very recent one is the nepotism comment that was made by the high commissioner to the South Africa to segregate the united people of Ghana.

They have in their own baseless discretion come out with a cocoa board guesthouse sited in Bole story alleging that it was built for former President Mahama’s comfort and some of them saying the structure belongs to him this matter lack facts and must be thrown away, it is one of their tricks to make the former President Mahama unpopular.

It is unfortunate that this time around their communicates seeks to undermine the qualifications of Bole district to get a guesthouse that will generate income for Ghana so they describe it as “unscrupulous” to site the guesthouse in Bole without questioning other projects of cocoa board at some areas.

This time I believe a key communication strategy is employed by the Npp to shadow the comment made by the appointee.

I suggest to the minority and all Observers of the Npp’s rot to remain focus on the real issues.

By Dramani Bashiru Amantana

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