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Fashion for the past years has been a serious issue among youth in upper west region as ladies and gentlemen put on anything not considering the outcome of some particular Outfits. This made people send dinner wears to churches, official wears to unofficial parties /programs and the vice versa. When it comes to color combination, it is worst. People combine wrong colors of dresses, shirts and sandals all in the name of fashion. Upon a thorough investigation and an encounter with some of the guys and ladies, it was revealed that they do it due to wrong prescription by fashionist , some does it because of the lack of proper clothes and sandals and others just out of sheer ignorance. Their love for fashion though is unquestionable.

It is clear that one can attribute this to the fact that there is a lack of good fashionist at then.

Moving away from that, since the emergence of King Flamzy aka Fashion King in the upper west region, there has been a massive positive change in the fashion life of the youth in the region especially the guys. The CEO of HomeBoy collections know much as King Flamzy aka Fashion King since his emergence has done more good. He is the only fashionist that styles you from head to toe with best of clothes and sandals at afordable Prices.

Many artiste like Best Ghally, Berima OJ aka OJay Tins and many others who takes their craft serious has the handy works of King Flamzy inscribed on them and are living testimonies of his unique brands.

King Flamzy has also Styled Most DJs,presenters and industry players, DJs like Anada Gh of Radio Waa  and Ike The Royal Host  of GBC radio upper west not forgetting the M. C of our time; Dakura Alaska of Pupeli FM he has styled Hillia Mashood the CEO of the best blogger in the region, all in the Upper West region, has pass through his unique styling.

It is believed that King Flamzy of Home Boy collection since his emergence in the region, has improved the fashion life of people in the region. No more wrong combinations, no more wrong styling, no more wrong outfits for wrong programmes.

At Home Boy collection you can get Simple wear sandals, Kicks, caps, watches, shirts, trousers and shorts of all kind. Be it Fila, Tommy Jeans, Adidas, Supreme, Champion, Puma etc. and whatever your preferred brand.

Get styled by King Flamzy to avoid any form of embarrassment because when it comes to fashion especially in Upper west region, He’s is simply peerless. Get in touch with or follow him on the following social media handles.

Facebook @Dhat Fashionking

Instagram @Fashionking_Gh

Twitter  @Fashionking77

Snapchat @fashionking78

Mobile: 0545469927/0205092572

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