Jamaica youth award

Upper Entertainment and Creative arts industry seem to have taken another step as competition emerges every now and then, Gh go online reports.

The Jamaican Youth known as the concern youth in Upper West Region and Beyond are making upper west Music Industry a great one,  the competition :Best_Jamaican_Youth_Song of the year 2018,the said Youth in the Upper West region awards artiste who wins Jamaica Youth Song of the year 2018.

A serious competition was set among 10 Artiste in upper west by the Jamaica youth as the winner walks home with a brand new loujia motor bike. The competition was artiste who wins the best song among the 10 songs released for Jamaica Youth. Artiste  included Stunner Gh, Raphius Amingos, Wiz-Maleek,Best Ghally, Game Bwoy,Don Ratty, Queenzy Bana, Serunaa(Girls Mirror) Sambwoy and Jackstil (Yeyaw).

This acts composed songs in Honor of Jamaican hence the president and his vice of Jamaican Youth Alhaj Abudi and Sisco Baakabe according to them has appreciated the good works done hence needs to award the winner since they can’t award all the 10 acts at the same time. They added that there are bigger things ahead and also encouraged the acts to participate fully in the competition, The president and his vice said this on Monday 30th July 2018 on Radio Waa when the competition was launched with DJ Anada.

Speaking to the PRO of this concern Youth Ayus popularly known as Freeking, he said the songs will be played Randomly for listener to Vote for their Favorite acts through a phone call with the maximum of 10 votes in the first (Monday)day but 20 votes subsequent days (Tuesday through to Friday)on Radio Waa 92.1fm with DJ Anada as host.

A serious competition was set from Monday 30th July 2018 among the fans of these 10 acts to 3rd August 2018 as a lot of People(fans) complain after the competition was on for not being able to get the phone lines through, others said the Host and the Event organizers are selective,bias,unfair and unjust. Clarifications were made after the complaint was lodged by bringing in witness from the fans of these 10 acts in the competition.

The competition ended by Young Ghally the CEO of Ghally Nation and wisdom Music emerging as the winner  among the 10 acts. He was awarded a brand new loujia motorbike and a citation.

Speaking to the Ghally nation Boss on his take on the competition and how he emerged as a winner, he said he has a strong fan base and the fans has supported him from day 1 He expressed his sincere appreciation and thanks giving to his fans by composing a song titled “My fans” after he knew he was on a comfortable lead after the second day of the competition.The song was premiered alongside his thanksgiving speech on Friday 3rd August 2018.

Source: Isaac Kanyiri A.K.A Ike


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