NSS 2017

NSS registration challenge now turns to be this issue of E-switch cards from GN bank only. This is inappropriate and causing discomfort for many. Authorities owe us (NSS personnel) a big explanation why the so called new policy should be announced rather on the day of registration.

“Registration will go on without your bio metric features been captured whiles we make arrangements for it on Wednesday to complete the registration process” said the NSS regional director. Hmm mm

Probably higher authority do not even know about this ungodly act going on here in the north. Couldn’t this have been announced to the general public at least a week before registration date if this was a “sit talked about” policy.

I can’t even sit to think of the stress our colleagues from far will go through, all to be told upon arrival “we do not accept any other E-Switch apart from one obtained from GN bank”. Imagine if someone traveled from Shama in the western region to Tamale and had to stay in a guest house for four days before having complete registration process.

Our institutions have often failed us!

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