The Ghana Registered And Midwives Association (GRNMA) launches 2017 international nurses day in Bole, on the theme:  ” Health implications of “Galamsey”, Attainment of The Sustainable Development Goals”.

It is the first time Bole hosted the regional programme at the district level. This is in connection with week long celebration of the association in Bole. The celebration started on the 29 of May 2017 and expected to end on 3rd of June.

Members Across the region were fully represented to grace the occasion. Dignitaries were the regional chairman of the association Mr. Anthony Sopaal, Principal of the Nursing And Midwifery Training College in Bole-Miss Christina Terbobri, District Chief executive Hon. Veronica Alele Hermon and her entourage, Chiefs, religious leaders and staff of the Bole hospital.


The Regional chairman Mr. Anthony Sopaal took the house through a bit of history on nursing. He acknowledged one Florence Nightingale on how she started nursing in the early 1850s in the war fronts. He also congratulated colleagues for keeping the noble profession holy, the passion, dedication and the sacrifice that make the health care delivery a reality today.

Mr. Anthony how ever admitted some lapses that sometimes crop up. He also talked about the  need for the mother association to create some good conditions of service to motivate workers.

” Admittedly, over the years, the standard of care have kept falling and this has translated to a multiplicity of shortfalls in nursing care, an outcome that has negative implications on the Quality of health care generally.

I admit, that underpinning our resolves to care is the need for the mother association to create conditions for motivation and survival in which regard the leadership is working around the clock to address welfare issues and sustain the enthusiasm of Nurses and midwives”

Though the association in their way made some achievements, Mr. Anthony mention few challenges that are very key to the sector, which includes, regulating auxiliary Nurses, provide the required equipment for their care, the Nurse/ patient ratio of 1:22, which needed about 38,000 more Nurses to map up, the scrap of Nurses and midwives Etc.

Speaking on the theme for this year’s celebration, was the Principal of the nursing school and double as the guest of honor, Miss Christina Terbobri. Miss Christina condemned the act “Galamsey” in connection with the negative effects it has on mankind.

“Galamsey activities, by their crude and extravagant methods stands as one of the toughest challenges in attaining the sustainable development goals (SDGs). It involves water use and sedimentary mining techniques that cause serious pollution of surface and underground water which has severe health effects that might not manifest immediately but in the near future.”

She called on all stakeholders to join hands in the fight. ” Dear all, the time has come for all to take the necessary action to confront the ‘galamsey’ issue head-on. This is very vital if the country is to achieve the goals which focus on clean water and sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, and climate actions respectively.”

She stated Education, advocacy and collaboration as the main responsibilities of nurses as individuals and an association in fighting ‘galamsey’.

The district Chief executive Hon. Veronica Alele Hermen, commended the association for their hard work and the timely subject matter ‘galamsey’ as the main topic for the program.

Madam Veronica said the fight for the menace is not for an individual but everyone. She referred members to China where they have the best water bodies, while helping to destroy ours through the ‘galamsey’.  She however told members the plans government is putting in place in combating the menace. She said government is not going to stop ‘galamsey” totally, but a save way of mining that will not destroy our water bodies our lands and living things.