Don’t bill me on your show if you can’t at least cater for my costume – G Dogg to event organizers

G Dogg

G Dogg

One of the fastest rising dancehall artiste in the north, G Dogg on social media broke news regarding organizers of events in the upper west region billing artiste to perform on their events but do not give them a penny after work done.

Speaking to, Streetwise entertainment front liner G Dogg disclosed that artist in upper west have not been fairly treated over the years by event organizer but rather been used to make money for themselves. “The artist have a lot of bills to pay including studio charges, blogging and many others and therefore needs to be appreciated and payed for work done. No event organizer should bill me on his show if he can’t at least cater for my costume” he added.

See post from his facebook handle below

G Dogg