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Why Girls Now Reach Puberty Early


There have been recent cases of girls attaining puberty at a very early age without a concrete explanation, but this piece appears to give many answers to questions. Showing all the trappings of a young adult, one would need more than just words to believe that Funke (surname withheld) is …

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Moving On: Crazy things people have done after a breakup

break ups

“I set up a date with a fake account and intentionally stood him up.” The effects of breakups range from good to bad to ridiculous and absolutely crazy. Breakups elicit different emotions from people. Some change their lives altogether; some seek to get back at the heartbreaker in one hurtful …

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A dirty job that made a poor man filthy rich

dirty job

Joseph Agyepong Siaw wanted to become a pilot or a marine engineer, but ended up selling school books on the street. He made his fortune from what everyone else didn’t want – with the help of tricycles from China. He may be one of the richest men in Ghana, employing …

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NSS 2017

NSS registration challenge now turns to be this issue of E-switch cards from GN bank only. This is inappropriate and causing discomfort for many. Authorities owe us (NSS personnel) a big explanation why the so called new policy should be announced rather on the day of registration. “Registration will go …

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Dear Lawyer Kwaku Asare, Ghana At It Again

Dr Asare

Dear Lawyer Kwaku Asare, I am not a lawyer neither am I a law student. I am however very happy at the success you chopped at the Supreme Court after standing up against an illegality perpetuated by the General Legal Council for a long time. It sure shows that all …

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LIGHT AND DYNAMITE: How fish safety is compromised

fish safety

The story is told of the chief fisherman of Bortiano landing beach who was assaulted by other fishermen in Accra one weekend in May. Together with other fishermen, Nii Adama Tettey II, had attended a meeting called by the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Elizabeth Naa Afoley Quaye. What incurred the wrath …

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