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INTERVIEW: The IG should not been judged as incompetent just because he couldn’t read a sentence correctly – Victor Vote

INTERVIEW: The IG should not been judged as incompetent just because he couldn’t read a sentence correctly – Victor Vote Ghana Online: Hello Sir, just this morning you made a post and it reads “English language was never our language. It is a borrowed language. Judging someone’s intelligence base on …

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6 Obvious Signs a Person Secretly Likes You

secretly likes

You don’t have to wait for a person to make a declaration of love. All you need to do is watch the unconscious behavior of your admirer. It speaks for itself! We collected confessions of anonymous lovers on the Internet. Here’s how they think most people reveal their feelings. But the most interesting thing is that people behave unconsciously regardless of gender or age. Once a lovelorn’s …

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In the educational setup, alumni play a critical role in the development of its alma mater. The case of our alma mater has become a narrative of which past alumni members keep imposing themselves and constantly perpetuating wanton financial illegalities to their fellow alumni’s hard earned currency which is usually …

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Songsore Mulumba writes “Realities”


“We are the third world not because the sun rises on the west and sets in the east but because we have engaged the reverse gear and we are moving with a jet like speed in the wrong direction, we must change this by rolling up our sleeves and working …

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we have no HomDocProf here – Songsore Mulumba

Songsore Mulumba

The night was windy with thunder storms accompanied with lightning, suddenly everything intensified, and there was mayhem in the outskirts of “Owuo Fie” cemetery of which I Bawa Donkor managed. It rained quite heavy that Friday evening that the mortuary was soaked with water, I grumbled in anger talking to …

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Introduction The definition of the word “Youth” varies from country to country. Generally, the period between childhood and adulthood is called “Youth”. During this period a person prepares himself/herself to be an active and responsible member of the society. It’s also a period of transformation from family dependent childhood to …

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Why Girls Now Reach Puberty Early


There have been recent cases of girls attaining puberty at a very early age without a concrete explanation, but this piece appears to give many answers to questions. Showing all the trappings of a young adult, one would need more than just words to believe that Funke (surname withheld) is …

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Moving On: Crazy things people have done after a breakup

break ups

“I set up a date with a fake account and intentionally stood him up.” The effects of breakups range from good to bad to ridiculous and absolutely crazy. Breakups elicit different emotions from people. Some change their lives altogether; some seek to get back at the heartbreaker in one hurtful …

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