Tuesday , August 21 2018
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A. A. Aziz writes; Sharifdeen Shash stands tall among the Rest

Sharifdeen Shash

Seriously this man should have gone unopposed, but for the beauty of democracy, it’s vital that, there should be some competition. Per the experience that this young man actually has in the field of communication and how he has served and what he’s bringing on board tactically. I strongly believe …

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NIGERIA: Bisyl Suites & Hotels (Rebrand) Opening today in Abraka, Delta State (Developing)

One of our reporters via Quick Tv Africa was amazed today as they received photos of the rebranded Bisyl Suites & Hotels located in Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria. According to our reporters, Bisyl Suites & Hotels is the best place to find yourself if are in anywhere around Agbor, Abavo, …

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Danis Andaban

For Immediate Release. 07/06/2018 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ THE GOVERNMENT OF GHANA HAS ACTED PRE-JUDICIALLY. I have followed with keen attention, the actions of government over the ensuing circumstances over the Anas Expose’. I want to point out something that I have realized, which is extremely contemptuous and can cover up many other …

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God has called me but I’m waiting for confirmation so I don’t rush and become like Ofori Amponsah – Mcbrown


Actress Nana Ama Mcbrown has said that although she has received the calling of God to preach his word, she does not want to be like Ofori Amponsah who gave up his “calling” in order to return to highlife music and therefore is waiting for a confirmation before she starts …

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INTERVIEW: The IG should not been judged as incompetent just because he couldn’t read a sentence correctly – Victor Vote

INTERVIEW: The IG should not been judged as incompetent just because he couldn’t read a sentence correctly – Victor Vote Ghana Online: Hello Sir, just this morning you made a post and it reads “English language was never our language. It is a borrowed language. Judging someone’s intelligence base on …

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6 Obvious Signs a Person Secretly Likes You

secretly likes

You don’t have to wait for a person to make a declaration of love. All you need to do is watch the unconscious behavior of your admirer. It speaks for itself! We collected confessions of anonymous lovers on the Internet. Here’s how they think most people reveal their feelings. But the most interesting thing is that people behave unconsciously regardless of gender or age. Once a lovelorn’s …

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wa poly logo

In the educational setup, alumni play a critical role in the development of its alma mater. The case of our alma mater has become a narrative of which past alumni members keep imposing themselves and constantly perpetuating wanton financial illegalities to their fellow alumni’s hard earned currency which is usually …

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Songsore Mulumba writes “Realities”


“We are the third world not because the sun rises on the west and sets in the east but because we have engaged the reverse gear and we are moving with a jet like speed in the wrong direction, we must change this by rolling up our sleeves and working …

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we have no HomDocProf here – Songsore Mulumba

Songsore Mulumba

The night was windy with thunder storms accompanied with lightning, suddenly everything intensified, and there was mayhem in the outskirts of “Owuo Fie” cemetery of which I Bawa Donkor managed. It rained quite heavy that Friday evening that the mortuary was soaked with water, I grumbled in anger talking to …

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