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How To Effectively Promote Your Music Video Using Social Media

social media promotion

Created your own music video with a lot of effort??? Don’t know how to start your music video promotion?? Felt confused?? Don’t worry!!! Here is a simple detailed guide about promoting your music video using social media. Here we go!! Music Video Marketing Social media is the main resource for marketers …

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“Giving back to society is my number one priority”The King of Upper west music King Raph

king raph

Leadership they say is by example, the Front linner of Upper pride records Ahmed Rauf known in showbiz as King Raph has once again hit the upper west region with another solution to the numerous problems in the region .Aside his numerous campaigns which included Female genital mutilation, early child …

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King Flamzy; The journey to fashion sense in the upper west region

King Flamzy

Fashion for the past years has been a serious issue among youth in upper west region as ladies and gentlemen put on anything not considering the outcome of some particular Outfits. This made people send dinner wears to churches, official wears to unofficial parties /programs and the vice versa. When …

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TOP 5 things you must NEVER say to a slay queen

slay queen

One thing all slay queens can be associated with is their lust for money or material things from men. Dating one of these women needs you to have just enough money to waste. However, don’t waste your time thinking you can marry her, just enjoy with her and leave to …

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NIGERIA: Bisyl Suites & Hotels (Rebrand) Opening today in Abraka, Delta State (Developing)

One of our reporters via Quick Tv Africa was amazed today as they received photos of the rebranded Bisyl Suites & Hotels located in Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria. According to our reporters, Bisyl Suites & Hotels is the best place to find yourself if are in anywhere around Agbor, Abavo, …

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INTERVIEW: The IG should not been judged as incompetent just because he couldn’t read a sentence correctly – Victor Vote

INTERVIEW: The IG should not been judged as incompetent just because he couldn’t read a sentence correctly – Victor Vote Ghana Online: Hello Sir, just this morning you made a post and it reads “English language was never our language. It is a borrowed language. Judging someone’s intelligence base on …

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The dark side of instant noodles – Dietitian reveals

Instant Noodles

A dietician at the Trust hospital in Accra, Mr Wise Chukwudi Letsa, has cautioned Ghanaians on the excessive intake of instant noodles. The author of the books ‘Answers For Your Diet’ and ‘Eating To Prevent And Manage Lifestyle Diseases’ explained Noodles to be rich in carbohydrates and part of the …

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